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I was born at Wellington Heath and lived in the area for all my life, so far. Both my parents served in the forces during WW2.


My family moved to Ledbury, living in the notorious "ant's nest" up Church St before moving back to Wellington Heath, where we lived until 1971.

I attended Wellington Heath junior school, Ledbury boy's school, now Dawes Court, Ledbury Primary school, now Upperhall Close, before going to Ledbury County Secondary School, now John Masefield. I was a founder member of Wellington Heath youth club before they joined forces with Bosbury youth club where I became youth leader, for 2 years, at the age of 18.


My family moved to Bosbury in 1971, where I met my future wife Carol & we married in 1977, due to the lack of appropiate housing in Ledbury at that time, our first house was at Bishops Frome, where our son was born, but we moved back to Ledbury in 1980 & 2 years later our daughter was born. Both our children attended the Ledbury schools, primary & secondary, & then went on to University where they both qualified as PE teachers. They both now live away from Ledbury.


On leaving school I joined the GPO, as it was then, now BT, & I spent 42 years with them, the most transitional time ever in the communications business.


My main "hobby" as always been sport, I formed Bosbury Football Club when I was 18 & remained as secretary/player for 20 years. Then, when my son started playing, I became part of Ledbury Swifts, becoming their secretary as well as being a coach/manager, I stayed with the Swifts for 22 years, seeing them grow from one team of 15 players, to 14 teams, boys & girls, with nearly 300 members, quite a success. I still serve on the Herefordshire Junior League committee, who are responsible for 2500 children playing football every weekend throughout the county.


On leaving the Swifts I was elected to the Town Council where I hope I can improve the rather poor sporting facilities in the town & also engage more with the town's younger element to encourage them to take an interest in their future.


I have become interested in local & family history, my Grandmothers family have lived in this area for over 400 years, so I will defend Ledbury's history & traditions against any future change. I have no political agenda, I just wish to do what is best for the town & it's residents.