The Ledbury Town Plan

Our Town Plan (Parish Plan) provides a set of objectives for the Town Council to maintain and improve our community.  It will sit alongside our Neighbourhood Development Plan which will define how we satisfy future land development in the town.  The Town Council will lead in taking forward the Town Plan’s objectives, but many of these will need the active involvement of other agencies e.g. Herefordshire Council, the police and local groups and organisations.

The Town Council adopted the updated version of its Town Plan on 25th February 2016.  This plan builds on an earlier Town Plan published in 2008.

The following documents are available by clicking the links below:

The new plan is based on comprehensive and exhaustive consultation with residents and businesses in the town.  Painstaking analysis of the data received has enabled the team to develop this blueprint for the future well-being of our community, together with its built and natural environments.”