Ledbury's Neighbourhood Development Plan



 Local residents and businesses are invited to have their say in Ledbury’s Neighbourhood Plan (NP). Ledbury Town Council would like to hear from as many of the community as possible to obtain a broad cross section of views about what residents think about Ledbury and how they would like to see it develop over the next twenty years or so.
Ledbury Town Council has designated the town as a neighbourhood area under the Localism Act. The Localism Bill was published in December 2010; it set out a series of proposals with the potential to achieve a substantial and lasting shift in power away from central government and towards local people. They include: new freedoms and flexibilities for local government; new rights and powers for communities and individuals; reform to make the planning system more democratic and more effective, and reform to ensure that decisions about developments are taken locally. Flowing from this, communities have been encouraged to develop a NP for their area.
The NP is principally concerned with the planning policies for the use and development of land. This can include by way of examples, the planning of new homes, leisure facilities and opportunities to increase employment.

A Neighbourhood Plan is about bringing people together to influence the future of the place they live and work in.         It's your town; your future!

The process of creating the NP will enable the Town Council and local residents to examine the capacity for growth in Ledbury and to consider opportunities for new developments, but always subject to Herefordshire Council’s overall planning policies.   People who live, work or do business in the area, play sport, or have an opinion about future requirements such as education, leisure, open spaces, health, built environment, heritage and economic development, are encouraged to come forward.
Anyone who would like to know more about the Neighbourhood Plan, please visit the NDP website at http://www.ledbury-ndp.org/