Finance & General Purposes Meeting Papers

5th July 2018

Agenda 05.07.2018

Minutes 07.06.2018

Appendix 1: Invoices requiring payment approval

Appendix 2 (Due to the size of this document, this item cannot be uploaded.  If you would like a copy, please contact the office.)

Appendix 3: Painted Room adveritising

Appendix 4: Report of the Accommodation Working Party, 24 April 2018


7th June 2018

Agenda 07.06.2018

Minutes 10.05.2018

Appendix 1: Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2017/18

Appendix 2: Risk Assessment of Financial and Non-Financial Audit Controls

Appendix 3:  Grant Application from John Masefiield High School for Library Development

Appendix 4:  Grant Application from John Masefiield High School for Food Technology Equipment

Appendix 5:   Working Party Membership List 



10th May 2018 

Agenda 10.05.2018

Minutes 22.03.2018

Appendix 1:  Internal Audit Report

Appendix 2: Report of GDPR Working Group (16.04.2018)


22nd March 2018

Agenda 22.03.2018

Minutes 22.02.2018

E.1 Summary of Receips and Payments from 28 February 2018

E.2 Quarterly Summary of Receipts and Payments related to the Budget


22nd February 2018

Agenda 22.02.2018

Minutes 18.01.2018

E.1 Internal Audit programme 2018/19

E.2 Internal Audit Review

E.3 Internal Audit Interim Report

E.4 ICT Working Party report 29.01.2018

Summary of Receipts and Payments 01.01.2018 to 31.01.2018


18th January 2018

Agenda 18.01.2018

Minutes 23.11.2017

ICT Report 08.01.2018

Summary of Receipts & Payments 01.11.17 to 31.12.17

Quarterly Summary of Income & Expenditure

Draft Budget 2018/19

23rd November 2017

Agenda 23.11.2017

Minutes 19.10.2017


19th October 2017

 Agenda 19.10.2017

Minutes 21.09.2017

E.1 Summary of Receipts and Payments 01.08.17 to 30.09.17

E.2 Income & Expenditure Related to Budget

E.3 Market Towns Forum Minutes 27.09.17 

21st September 2017

Agenda 21.09.2017

Minutes of meeting held on 06.07.2017

E.1 Minutes of ICT Working Party held on 22 August 2017

E.2 Minutes of Herefordshire Market Towns Forum


6th July 2017

 Agenda 06.07.2017

Minutes 01.06.2017


1st June 2017 

Agenda 01.06.2017

Minutes 09.05.2017

E.1 Internal Audit Report

E.2 Balance sheet

E.3 Annual Governance Statement

E.4 Accounting Statements

E.5 Earmarked Reserves

E.6 Market Towns Forum report

9th May 2017

Agenda 09.05.2017

Minutes 23.03.2017

Minutes of meeting held on 23 March 2017

E.1 Interim Internal Audit Report 2016-17

E.2 Internal Audit Review Checklist 

E.3 Annual Audited Accounts Yr End 31.03.2016 with External Auditor's Certificate, Report and Opinion

E.4 Information required for Intermediate Review 2016/2017 


23rd March 2017

Agenda 23.03.2017

Minutes 23.02.2017

E1: Internal Audit Review Checklist

E2: Grant Application Form

E3: Ledbury and Strömstad Twinning Association Correspondence


23rd February 2017

Agenda 23.02.2017

Minutes 19.01.2017

E.1 Summary of Receipts & Payments

E.2 Internal Audit programme

E.3 Internal Audit Checklist

E.4 October Fair Grant Applications

E.5 Awards

E.6 Asset Register

E.7 Market Towns Forum

19th January 2017

Agenda 19.01.2017

Minutes 24.11.2016

E.1 Summary of Receipts & Payments 01.11.16 to 31.12.16 

E.2 End of Grant report

E.3 Accommodation WP report

E.4 Market Towns Forum Report

24th November 2016

Agenda 24.11.2016

Minutes 20.10.2016

E.1Receipts and Payments 01.10.2016 to 31.10.2016

E.2 Income & Expenditure 2016-17 and Budget 2017-18

E.3 Ledbury and Malvern constituency proposal and map

E.3 West Midlands Initial proposals report

E.4 Allowance Scheme



20th October 2016

Agenda 20.10.2016

Minutes 15.09.2016

E.1 Receipts & Payments 1.09.16 - 30.09.16

E.2 F&GP Budget 17/18 & Income and Ependiture 16/17

15th September 2016

Agenda 15.09.2016

Minutes 15.09.2016

Minutes 07.07.2016

E.1 Receipts & Payments 1.7.16-31.8.16

E.2 Quarterly Summary related to budget

E.3 Herefordshire CAB

E.4 Grant Application

E.6 Donations & Grants Policy

E.7 LTC Risk Management Policy

E.8 Risk Management 2016

E.9 Risk Register approved FC 25.02.16

E.10 Market Towns Forum Notes 27.07.16

E.10 Market Towns Forum 27.07.16 meeting minutes

Market Towns Proposal

7th July 2016

Agenda 07.07.2016

Minutes 07.07.2016

Minutes 02.06.2016

E.1 Receipts & Payments 1.5.16-30.6.16

E.2 Income & Expenditure by Budget

E.3 Internal Audit Report

E.6 Donations & Grants Policy

E.7 LTC Risk Management Policy

E.7i Risk Management Strategy

E.8 Draft Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

E.10 HALC 18.05.16 meeting minutes

E.11 Market Towns Forum 25.05.15 meeting minutes

2nd June 2016

Agenda 02.06.2016

Minutes 02.06.2016

Minutes 17.03.2016

E.1 Participatory Budgeting

E.2 Ledbury Railway Station

E.3 Internal Audit Report

E.4 Internal Audit additional fees

E.5 Market Towns Forum meeting report 25th May 2016

Item 5.1 Summary of Receipts and Payments 1st March to 30th April 2016

17th March 2016

Agenda 17.03.2016

Minutes 18.02.2016 meeting

E.1 Summary of Receipts and Payments 1st to 31st February 2016

E.2 Asset Register - to follow

E.3 Remembrance Day Service

18th February 2016

Agenda 18.02.2016

Minutes 18.02.2016 meeting

Minutes 21.01.2016 meeting

E.1 Summary of Receipts and Payments 1st to 31st January 2016

E.2 Internal Audit Programme 2016/17

E.3 Effectiveness of the System of Internal Audit

E.4 October Fair Grant Applications 2015 - to follow

E.5 Market House Condition Report

Item 8  i Risk Register 2016        ii Risk Management Strategy 2016

E.7 Asset Register for YE 31st March 2016

E.8 Market Towns Forum 27th January 2016 meeting minutes

E.9 Market Towns Forum report from Cllr Eager

E.10 Herefordshire Council briefing paper - Financial Planning for 16/17 to 19/20 - Market Town Settlement



21st January 2016

Agenda 21.01.2016

Minutes 21.01.2016

Minutes 19.11.2015

E.1 Item 5.1 Summary of Receipts and Payments 13th November to 31st December 2015

E.2 Item 5.2 Quarterly Summary of Receipts and Payments

E.3 Item 5.6 Internal Audit

E.4 Item 5.7 External Audit

E.5 Item 9 Market Towns Forum meeting 25th November 2015



19th November 2015

Agenda 19.11.2015

Minutes 19.11.2015

Minutes 22.10.2015

E.1 Item 6.1 Summary of Receipts and Payments from 10th October to 12th November 2015

E.2 tem 7.1 Draft Budget 2016/17


22nd October 2015

Agenda 22.10.2015

Minutes 22.10.2015

Minutes 10.09.2015

Item 5  Summary of Receipts & Payments 1.09.15 to 9.10.15

Item 6  Draft Budget 2016/17

Item 7  Risk Register - to follow

Item 10 E.1 Herefordshire Association of Local Councils Exec Committee 16.09.15

Item 10.2 E.2 Market Towns Forum  meeting 23.09.15

10th September 2015

Agenda 10.09.2015

Minutes 10.09.2015

E.1 Summary of Receipts & Payments from 1st July to 31st August

E.2 1st draft of Budget

E.3 Proposal for use of the TC Bay Windows

E.4 DPWP Report 11.08.15 meeting

E.5 Community Governance Review