New Year Renewal Programme 2019

Ledbury Town Council has launched several initiatives to renew and install a number of facilities across the town.
Key amongst these are:
1. Repair of Two Historic structures. After consultation with the War Memorials Trust the Council is asking for tenders from structural engineers recommended by the Trust for the repair of both the War Memorial and the pillar at the gate of St Michaels and All Angels Church. The Council is particularly keen to see effective and durable repairs done to both structures as soon as possible.
2. A new youth shelter has been purchased for installation in the Recreation Ground. This will be put up once the weather improves (i.e. when the ground dries sufficiently to put in a base). This structure is of a modern design and the Council is consulting with young people about decorating it with their art work. The shelter will be useful for other functions  including being used as a small bandstand. The older structure will be removed.
3. A review of the 100 plus waste bins in the town has been undertaken.  Over the years, these were provided by a number of organisations but many are now showing signs of wear.  Approximately 20% are showing the potential  of posing a risk to the public and these will be dealt with as a priority. The Council has put aside a significant sum to commence a programme of replacement.
Cllr Nina Shields, Chair of Ledbury Town Council, said: “I begin to understand why there has been so little understanding about what the Town Council do. We have steadily got on top of the backlog of work and although we can’t do everything at once, I hope the people of the town will now steadily start to see improvements.”