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Ledbury Town Council is asking all community groups to join it and Ledbury Primary School in making Ledbury the first ‘Values’ town in Britain. To this end, we are inviting you to produce a written document about the Values you adhere to and which are apparent in the work you do, by the end of February

Values-based-education (VbE) is a way of inculcating principles that drive positive behaviour in children. Julie Rees, LPS head teacher, has been one of the pioneers in adopting it and published The Little Book of Values in 2009. Every month, the school promotes a particular Value, which is also noted by the Council.

The concept has never yet been adopted by a whole town and we aim to be the very first. So we are asking community groups to join us by submitting evidence of how they contribute to developing Values. This would usually be just a single sheet. LPS can offer advice. The VbE website also offers some insights.

Values are defined as principles that drive behaviour, influencing our actions and attitudes and our relationship with ourselves and others. Among the wide range of positive human values encouraged in schools include patience, respect, fairness, tolerance, compassion and collaboration. Parents and pupils an all testify as to how VbE has made a difference at LPS, now let’s show that this is what Ledbury as a whole is about.




Following the successful exhibition Life in Ledbury 1914-1918, another exhibition is planned for 2018.  Whereas the Life in Ledbury exhibition focussed on the First World War period here in Ledbury, the next exhibition will centre on those from our community who served on the sea, on the land and in the air in this country and in France, Belgium, Gallipoli, Salonika, Italy, Egypt, Palestine, Mesopotamia and on the high seas as far afield as the Falklands.

The exhibition with a working title “Ledbury Remembers Them All” will commemorate all those who left here and served their country in the Navy, the Army, the Air Force and supporting services.  The lives of those who did not return have already been documented, though more photographs of those 85 men would still be welcome.**  It is on those who returned that research is starting now, so by late 2017 work can begin on the next exhibition in earnest. This is a large task so we are starting now!  If your Ledburian ancestor served in World War One PLEASE could you let us know by taking any details you have to the Town Council office in person or by email:  Your help is needed now to help make this next exhibition as good as the last one. Of course photographs would be wonderful, but basic facts will help us build a complete list so Ledbury can Remember Them All.

** The individual pages from the Books of Remembrance for the 85 men from Ledbury who died in the First World War are now available to be viewed