Meeting Schedule 2017 / 2018

Meetings are usually held on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm, please check the meeting agenda for venue confirmation.

Draft minutes will be available to view within four weeks of the meeting having taken place.

Please note that Committee minutes will not be ratified until they are presented at the subsequent Full Council meeting.

If the papers you require are not available below, please contact the office for a copy on 01531 632 306 or email

You can download a copy of our current 2017 / 2018 meeting schedule or please see the calendar below.


Meeting Schedule 2013/14

Meeting Schedule 2014/15

Meeting Schedule 2015/16

Meeting Schedule 2016/17

May 2017 4th: Economic Development &  Planning

 8th: Standing Committee

      18th:     Environment & Leisure 25th: Economic Development & Planning  

     11th:      Annual Council

June 2017

1st: Finance & General Purposes            8th:          Full Council   22nd: Economic Development & Planning  29th: Environment & Leisure 

July 2017

6th: Finance & General Purposes  

       20th:      Full Council

24th:  Economic Development & Planning 28th July: Extraordinary Full Council
  August 2017 3rd: Economic Development & Planning

15th: Standing Committee

17th: Extraordinary Full Council

29th: Extraordinary Full Council    
September 2017 7th: Economic Development & Planning 14th: Environment & Leisure 19th: Standing Committee

     26th: Standing      Committee 

21st: Finance & General Purposes  28th: Full Council

 October 2017

5th: Economic Development & Planning

6th: Standing Committee

12th: Environment & Leisure

16th: Standing Committee

19th: Finance & General Purposes

26th: Standing Committee  
November 2017          2nd:         Full Council 9th: Economic Development & Planning

15th Extraordinary Full Council

16th: Environment & Leisure

22nd: Standing Committee

23rd: Finance & General Purposes

December 2017


1st: Standing Committee

4th: Extraordinary Full Council


 7th:        Full Council 14th: Economic Development & Planning    

January  2018

4th:  Economic Development & Planning 11th:  Environment & Leisure

18th:Extraordinary Full Council

18th:  Finance & General Purposes

31st: Standing Committee  
February 2018           1st:           Full Council 8th:  Economic Development & Planning 15th:  Environment & Leisure 22nd:  Finance & General Purposes 27th: Standing
    March     2018

1st: Full Council

Meetinng cancelled due to severe weather conditions

8th: Full Council

12th: Standing Committee

15th:  Economic Development & Planning

15th:  Environment & Leisure

22nd:  Finance & General Purposes 28th: Standing

 April 2018


Full Council



Full Council 

        26th:        Annual Town Meeting    
May 2018 3rd:  Economic Development & Planning

    10th:       Extraordinary        Finance          & General         Purposes     


Extraordinary Full Council


Annual Council Meeting