Town Council Budget - Your Money, Your Choice - Have Your Say!

Following the Parish Meeting held on Wednesday, 14th November information presented at this meeting is now available to download here.

This information includes how Council Tax is spent, how much of the Council tax you pay comes to the Town Council, how the Town Council spends your money and the choices you can make to help decide how this money is spent. 





Special Meeting for Residents 14th November 2018 7.30 p.m. at

The Community Hall, Lawnside Road

Ledbury Town Council will be holding a public ‘Parish Meeting’ on Wednesday 14th November to encourage local residents to have their say on how the Council’s budget will be spent the coming year.

The Chairman of the Town Council, Cllr Nina Shields said: “Town and parish Councils have very limited powers. We use our share of the Council Tax for the benefit of the community in a various ways and it is important to decide priorities.

“Over the years we have helped a number of local Voluntary bodies such as the CAB and Ledbury Community Association as well as supporting events such as the Carnival and the local fair. We also look after various local amenities such as the Recreation Ground, Dog Hill Wood and the Cemetery.

“We continue to face new challenges as Herefordshire Council funding is cut back and they seek to devolve more services down to town and parish Councils.

“As Chairman, I believe that our community needs to understand how their taxes are spent. One of the best ways to achieve this is to encourage local residents to help us in deciding  the Council’s priorities for the forthcoming year. If you can, please join us on 14th.”