Submissions to Traffic Management Working Party

15th January 2019
Ledbury Town Council Traffic Management Working Party
Invitation for submissions by Ledbury residents

At a meeting of The Economic Development & Planning Committee meeting of Ledbury Town Council on 8th November 2018 it was agreed to set up a Traffic Management Working Party (TMWP) to take a ‘whole-town’ approach for all the issues involved. Councillor Phillip Howells was appointed as working party Chairman.

The first meeting agreed that the aims of the working party would be:
To identify key points of concern in traffic flow and road and around Ledbury.
To analyse feedback and produce a report with action recommendations to present to Ledbury Town Council for approval to submit the report to Herefordshire Council.
To include as part of the report appendices on past traffic management issues that have already reviewed in the recent past with their outcomes and conclusions, such as by the police on investigations into speeding complaints.
The target date to complete the report is end of March 2019.
The working party is therefore seeking submissions from residents on any traffic management issues they would like to raise for the working party to consider.

An example has been a request related to the important topic of car parking from the residents of Mabels Furlong (who have initiated a resident petition to show the depth of support) to have a ‘No Access for Non-Residents’ sign erected at the road entrance. It is felt this would help solve the problem of non-residents using the already narrow roads with only one exit, as free car parking.  This is making it increasingly difficult for residents to access and park and for services such as bin collection vehicles to access the roads, as well as becoming a safety issue.

Other matters already being considered are the impact of known and potential new developments on traffic movements and their management, railway station access and parking, how footpaths, PRoWs and cycleways, including disabled access, relate to improving traffic management, the problems with increasing traffic flows through Parkway posing more dangers to local residents, and speeding concerns.

The working party welcomes applicants to join them if they feel they have experience and skills to contribute, and especially if having traffic management related expertise.

Submissions to the working party are invited by the end of February 2019. They can be emailed to Cllr Phillip Howells at to the Town Council offices on or by calling the Town Council offices on 01531 632306.